Computer Services

laptop computerFor over 20 years, SAK Information Systems offers a range of computer services to homes and businesses. It is where we got started. When you’re in need of computer consulting, look to us first.


  • Computer Setup
  • File transfers
  • Printer Installation and Setup
  • PC Upgrades and Support
  • Virus Removals and Malware cleanup
  • Home Networks and Security

Computer Setup

We will unbox your new computer and perform the initial setup. We’ll also move your computers for you to a new location and get them connected to the Internet and network.

File Transfers

Getting new a new computer is exciting, but is is also a daunting task trying to move your files from the old computer to the new one. Let us help you with this task and maybe even give you a few ideas on how to avoid it in the future.

Printer Installation and Setup

We will unbox your new printer, connect it to your computer or network (wired or wireles) and configure it on you computer. Today many printers are multi-function and have tricky installations. Let us take the frustration out of getting that new printer up and running.

PC Upgrades, Maintenance and Support

Over time, your computer may need an upgrade of a hard drive, memory, or operating system. It may even need to be cleaned of dust and such inside the box. You may even have a few questions along the way. We can handle the upgrades, maintenance and support questions from the simplest to the hardest.

Virus Removal and Malware Cleanup

Every so often, it is necessary to do a checkup on your computer and cleanup some of the bugs lying around. Let us help you remove the bugs that sometimes crawl into your system. We even have maintenance plans to make sure everything stays clean!

Home Networks and Security

Home networks have pretty much become a mainstay, but many don’t realize that they actually have or need one. Whether it be an older home or new one, we can put together a home network for you to do everything from share printers and files to setting up a media server for all your movies and digital music so that it is accessible throughout the house. Visit our page dedicated specifically to file servers and how they can be used at home.

Because much of our connectivity in a network is over wireless, it is important that security is in place. Let us setup your home network security so that you have piece of mind that everything is safe.