Networks are a vital necessity to operate today. Whether it be a traditional hardwired Ethernet network or a wireless network, networks allow us to share information locally with other computers and across the Internet via cloud storage and Virtual Private Networks. SAK Information Systems has the background and experience to build a network to solve your information sharing needs.

Hardwired Networks (Ethernet) – Using traditional network cards, ethernet cables and switches, these networks have guaranteed uptime and uncompromised speed. Not sure how to set it up yourself? Building a new home or getting a new office space? Let us help you design and install a wired system for you.

Wireless Networks – Using wireless routers and network adapters, these networks allow one to quickly establish a network in any space without the need to install wiring. With the newest technology in wireless, it is possible to reach speeds close to those of traditional wired networks.

Fileservers – Fileservers are computers or devices whose sole job is to store and serve files and applications to client computers. Fileservers don’t just exist in businesses. It is now common place to have file servers at home to store and stream photos, movies, and music libraries. Talk to us at SAK Information Systems regarding designing a file server to suit your needs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are networks or bridges that are initiated over the Internet to create a secure connection between two computers or locations. They are generally used when confidential information has to be made available to mobile computers or satellite locations. Let us explain to you how your business, large or small, can benefit from a VPN.