Technology is constantly changing and continuous learning is required. Whether it’s for business or just for personal information, SAK Information Systems offers seminars in the hot technology currently in use. Check out the topics currently being offered below.



Wordpress LogoWordPress Primer

Never heard of WordPress?? Come learn about the hottest content management system currently in use around the world and how it can serve your web site needs. It is a versatile system that can serve many uses and is relatively easy to learn and use.


Getting Started with WordPress

Learn the basics of the world’s leading content management system, WordPress. Learn the difference between a post and a page, setting up categories, links, and how to upload media (pictures, videos, files, etc.). Learn how to compose a new post and page and publish it for the world to see. Explore Widgets and plugins and how they can improve your site’s functionality and streamline information sharing.  A brief explanation on search engine optimization will also be covered.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is changing the way in which we store and access files and even use software. Learn the basics of cloud computing and how it can help you in your personal life and business.


How to Get Home Phone Service for Free

It used to be that the phone company was your only choice for phone service and at a heafty price per month. Lean how you can reduce your phone bill by switching to VoIP phone service through various providers and how some can actually erase your bill entirely.


What is VoIP and How it Works

Learn about the newest form of phone service on the market and how it is poised to become the next form of telephone technology and how it may even change mobile phone calls.


FreePBX: The Full Featured Free Phone System

If you’re looking for a new phone system, but don’t want to spend a fortune, come learn about FreePBX, the free IP telephony solution from Sangoma. See what features it has in comparison to the competition, the associated hardware options, and the ways in which it’s available to you.


Why Everyone Should Have and Use a VPN

Virtual private networks have been around for a while. They have traditionally been used in large companies to extend their networks to satellite locationsVPN Stack while maintaining security of data. Now the technology is available to everyone. Come hear why you should consider a VPN if you access files remotely and how it can be done simply.