VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that has been around over a decade, but with Internet speed increases over the years has made leaps and bounds in development. VoIP takesĀ  phone service away from its traditional routes. No longer do calls get routed through the phone company’s local switching stations on dedicated cables. Calls are converted to digital using adapters and routed over the Internet to their end point.

The benefit of VoIP is that you and your precious phone number now can travel with you regardless of where you are in the country or world. International calling rates are generally also much cheaper. Depending on your need, there are simple and more complex implementations available.


VoIP for Home

Traditional home phone service has been declining with the increased use of cell phones. However, the cost of cell service versus the traditional phone line is much more. VoIP service can replace your home phone and reduce the costs to almost nothing, but it can also work with your mobile device making receiving calls much easier than relying just on a cell phone or land line. It is easier to give out one number and have it ring on multiple numbers and devices rather than have people try to find you at multiple numbers and locations.

Today there are numerous options for home VoIP phone service with some of the major players being Google Voice, Ooma, Magic Jack, and Vonage. Depending on your needs, one of these providers can simplify your life and your phone bill.


VoIP for Business

IP Desk PhonesVoIP for business is basically the same as it is for home or personal use except that in business there is need for reliability and flexibility. Voip for business can range from the small business setup which mimics a home setup or a larger business where there are multiple lines, multiple extensions and greater throughput. It is also possible to share trunk lines over wide distances with satellite offices without incurring long distance charges.

There are business options available for phone systems ranging from small office to enterprise level. There are the traditional name brands, but there are also inexpensive and FREE systems available, such as FreePBX and Elastix powered by Asterisk, which have all the same features as the big boys have at a fraction of the price. So, if you’re looking for a business phone solution with flexibility, look to VoIP and one of our reasonable phone system solutions.