Web Design and Hosting

SAK Information Systems offers web design and hosting services at reasonable rates. Today it is vital that all organizations have a presence on the web via a web site at the core. When people are looking for something, they turn to the search engine to find what they need rather than a phone book. Therefore, a website with at least basic search engine optimization is critical to get your brand recognized in the modern 21 century world.

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Sites powered by WordPress

Here at SAK Information Systems, we offer our clients solutions which enable them to manage their own website or outsource it. We develop our solutions utilizing the WordPress content management system which is used worldwide by organizations large and small. It is a powerful engine that has the ability to power web sites, blogs, e-commerce stores, communities, back end applications or a combination.

Web Hosting

In order for the website to work, it needs to be hosted on a computer connected to the Internet called a web server. Although it’s possible to host one’s own site, it is generally done by subscribing to a hosting service. The hosting service has the network and power infrastructure in place to make sure the site is up at all times. Here at SAK Information Systems, we offer hosting plans at reasonable rates with a built in maintenance fee to make sure your site is always up to date.

Let us help you put your organization on the web and visible to the world. Contact us today for a price to develop your new site.